The Forbidden Gene

by Genesis Cotterell

The Ryxin Trilogy - Book 2
A New Zealand Alien Murder Mystery

Nayxana Alien WomanA suspense murder mystery involving a PI called Curtis McCoy. The murdered woman is just one on a list to be terminated, and there’s a bounty on each woman’s head.

The year is 2021 and Ryxins have been on Earth since 1905. When they came they knew no other rule but that of King Dymon, the last ruler of the doomed planet Ryxin. He’d made a law that permitted only men to keep the innate telepathy gene.

But most gladly forgot the stringent laws. After all there were no women left who had the gene anyway... or were there? The rebel pure-bloods knew there were and wanted the misogynist king’s edict retained on Earth.

But when a Human is accused of murdering his beautiful Ryxin wife, Curtis McCoy is called on to find the real killer. Curtis, half-blood Ryxin, and his assistant, Janux Lennan, also a half-blood, set out on a dangerous journey to uncover the truth.

If you like a good murder mystery, then you’ll enjoy this book, which follows on from Book One – Murder on Muritai.

Passion, the unknown and affairs of the heart are all present in a New Zealand that’s forever changing.

Reader's review:
Having read the first book in the Ryxin trilogy (Murder on Muritai) I was looking forward to reconnecting with the Ryxin 'family' and I was not disappointed. The Ryxins are an alien race who have fled to earth from the dying planet of Ryxin. Many of the Ryxins have successfully and happily integrated with their human hosts but there remains a hardcore element amongst them who are determined to preserve the old Ryxin ways. This book is a murder mystery featuring Curtis, the Ryxin PI who is investigating the murders of Ryxin women who posses forbidden telepathic powers. The story is enjoyable as a straightforward 'murder mystery' but for me the tackling of problems such as disenfranchisement and subjugation of people due to their race or gender adds another layer to be pondered. I very much look forward to reading the next and final book of the trilogy.

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