Notice of Death

by Genesis Cotterell

The Ryxin Trilogy - Book 3
A New Zealand Alien Murder Mystery

Notice of Death — Book 3 of the The Ryxin TrilogyThis is a psychological thriller involving the death of a Ryxin woman. Her body is found washed up on a beach and Curtis is called upon by a prison inmate called Alys. She believes her friend Maggie has been murdered and wants Curtis and Janux to investigate. Alys is nearing the end of a seven year sentence for bank robbery and suspects one of the ex-women-prisoners is the killer. This book follows a complex web of intrigue, with the themes of love, discrimination and revenge moving the story along to its final conclusion.

If you like a good murder mystery, then you’ll enjoy this book, which follows on from Book One – Murder on Muritai and Book Two – The Forbidden Gene

Reader's review:
Having enjoyed the first two books in this series, I was looking forward to reading the final book of the "Ryxin trilogy" and I was not disappointed.
The Ryxins are a humanoid alien species who fled their dying planet to find sanctuary on earth. However this sanctuary came with the cost of them being regarded as secondary citizens who are allowed to work in only the most menial jobs and with no access to social care or benefits. Furthermore, the human police have no interest in Ryxin crimes if the acts do not involve humans. Thus any murders of Ryxins are given only a cursory investigation. In this book the private investigator Curtis McCoy (a half-blood Ryxin) and his assistant Janux Lennan are hired by the relative of a Ryxin woman whose death the human police have deemed accidental. The investigation uncovers a series of seemingly unrelated Ryxin deaths and the plot twists and turns, throwing out a few red herrings on the way. A great read!

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