Murder on Muritai

by Genesis Cotterell

The Ryxin Trilogy - Book 1
A New Zealand Alien Murder Mystery

Murder on Muritai When your planet’s sun is dying, what can you do? Find a new home!

That’s what the Ryxins did throughout the galaxy, and 150 of them secretly arrived on Earth in 1905. Once they’d changed into Human form they began to infiltrate Earth’s population.

By the year 2020, long after their presence was discovered, Curtis McCoy, half-blood Ryxin and newly trained private investigator, is on his first case. A murder mystery set in a world where a dwindling number of pure-blood aliens seek to gain power over Humans, the dominant species. It takes place on a small island called Muritai, somewhere off the coast of New Zealand.

A murder on the island of Muritai has been made to look like an accident and his client, a beautiful half-blood woman with blond hair and green eyes, wants him to find her partner’s killer.

Reader's review:
The story is set in a world that has been settled by alien refugees from the dying planet of Ryxin. The Ryxins have special sensory powers but these are being diluted by inter breeding with humans, much to the concern of senior Ryxins who are determined to ensure their people remain pure blooded. The main character in the novel is a PI named Curtis who is investigating a murder but his efforts are complicated by the fact that Ryxins and humans have separate laws and punishment for crimes. What I enjoyed about the book was the analogy of how people perceive and treat each other according to their ethnicity and/or their perceived worth. Also, the lack of empathy for anyone who dares stand in the way of a determined idealist, whilst being attributed to the Ryxins, is a trait often seen in our own species.

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